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Flowing into the future. Particle Jets in Quantum Field Theory and Phenomenology: October 25-29, 2021

Organized by: Christine Aidala, Yang-Ting Chien, Abhay Deshpande, and George Sterman.

At high energies in quantum chromodynamics, particle jets provide an experimentally accessible manifestation of a change in degrees of freedom with time. The relationship between asymptotically short and long times in scattering systems is a recurring theme in quantum field theory.

With a new generation of collider experiments pending, and the potential for data of unprecedented variety and precision, this is an ideal time to reexamine what particle jets can tell us about gauge theories and gravity. This workshop aims for a broad discussion of these issues, including what we can hope to measure, what can be calculated with existing or future methods, and whether new ways can be found to organize and interpret the information embedded in particle jets and related radiation.

The workshop will include discussions of experimental status and prospects, developments in perturbation theory and multi-scale resummation, modern jet and event-shape observables, the time development of QCD jets, the relationship between soft radiation in QCD, QED and gravity, the status of hadronization models and event generation, and the dynamics of jets traversing cold and hot QCD matter. We hope to highlight, and perhaps inspire, new perspectives in the analysis of the quantum mechanical and classical scattering states of gauge theories and gravity.

This event is by invitation only.