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F-theory Workshop, 3/19/12 – 3/23/12

Organized by Mike Douglas, Dave Morrison and Antonella Grassi This workshop will explore the recent progress in F-theory, including the detailed structure of elliptic fibrations on Calabi-Yau manifolds, techniques inspired by duality with the heterotic string, the role of flux, the relation to orientifold constructions, and applications to string phenomenology.  Participants will include both mathematicians […]

Manhattan Seminar – March 16, 2012

Simons Center Seminar in Manhattan March 16, 2012, 10:30AM – 5:30PM The Simons Center is holding a one-day seminar event at the Stony Brook Manhattan Campus on Friday, March 16, 2012. The focus is theoretical high energy physics and string theory, and may be of interest to faculty, postdocs, and graduate students working in these […]

Graduate Workshop, 3/5/2012-3/9/2012

Supersymmetric Field Theories and Their Mathematical Implications Organized by Dan Freed, Constantin Teleman and Greg Moore Over the past two decades, ideas and methods from supersymmetric quantum field theory have spearheaded breathtaking advances in geometry and topology. This one-week graduate workshop will offer a basic introduction to the notions and language of the physics underlying […]

Simons Center Program on String Compactification

Simons Center Program on String Compactification Spring 2012 Program Description. In 1985, it was shown by Candelas et al that compactification of the heterotic string on a Calabi-Yau manifold could lead to models similar to the Standard Model of particle physics, and `beyond the Standard Model’ extensions such as grand unification and supersymmetry. Over the […]

Faster-than-light neutrinos, dark matter, and all that

Interviewer Luca Mazzucato   Faster-than-light neutrinos, dark matter, and all that   It is always surprising to chat with Shmuel Nussinov, at the School of Physics and Astronomy of Tel Aviv University. He spends several months a year visiting US institutions such as the IAS, Princeton, Upenn, University of Maryland, and he is now visiting […]

Join Chef Guy Reuge and Paolo Fontana for dinner

Come enjoy live music and wine pairings as our award winning chefs prepare Fench-fusion delicacies that will delight your palate. Featuring: Mattabella Vineyards Thursday, January 26th 2012 – 7pm Call (631) 632-2881 or email to reserve your space and receive a parking code.

Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Field Theory, 1/16/12 – 1/20/12

Organized by Mike Douglas, Kevin Costello and Arthur Jaffe   Quantum field theory is a rich subject, with a long history in physics and in mathematics. In recent years it has inspired many profound developments in topology, in algebra and representation theory, and in analysis. Given the growing interest in the subject among mathematicians, it […]