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Information and Driving Directions for Special Events *Please check the website for updated information*

Smith Point Beach, Wednesdays
(Smith Point County Park, William Floyd Pkwy, Shirley, NY)
*Everyone should take the bus to the beach. If you drive yourself, please note that we are not reimbursing the parking fee.
Directions from the Simons Center to Smith Point Beach
Leave the University and head south on Nicolls Rd.
Stay on Nicolls Rd to the Long Island Expressway, (LIE), also called Route 495.
Go east to William Floyd Parkway (Exit 68).
Go south on William Floyd Parkway all the way to the end.
After crossing the causeway to Fire Island, go around the roundabout to the parking (there is a fee).

Summer Workshop Banquet Hosted by Martin Rocek: TBD
Rocek Residence
Phone: (631)751-1538
Cell Phone: (631)905-6354
Map and Directions

Summer Workshop Banquet Hosted by Jim Simons at Avalon Park: TBD 
(200 Harbor Rd, Stony Brook, NY)
Directions from the Simons Center to the barn at Avalon Park & Preserve, Stony Brook
[For those coming from afar: Take EXIT 62 (C.R. 97, or Nicolls Road) NORTH until it ends at 25A in Stony Brook. Turn LEFT onto 25A.]
On 25A going West from Nicolls Road
When you get to The Museums at Stony Brook on your left and The Country House Restaurant on your right make a left to continue on 25A.
Shep Jones Lane is .9 miles from The Museums at Stony Brook.
Make a right onto Shep Jones Lane.
Proceed .6 miles and make a right into the barn entrance. Stay to your right and park to the right of the barn.
(Shep Jones Lane turns from a paved road to a dirt road .5 miles down)
Map and Directions

Summer Workshop Banquet Hosted by Luis Alvarez-Gaume, Simons Center Director: TBD 
Simons Center Cafe and Terrace

Summer Workshop Banquet Hosted by Michael Bershadsky: TBD 
Bershadsky Residence