This Week @ the SCGP

Thursday, 2-23-2017
Math Seminar / Math of Gauge Fields: Katherine Raoux, "τ-invariants for knots in rational homology spheres"
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Location: SCGP 313
Description: Speaker: Katherine Raoux Title: τ-invariants for knots in rational homology spheres Abstract: Using the knot filtration on the Heegaard Floer chain complex, Ozsváth and Szabó defined an invariant of knots in the three sphere called τ(K), which they also showed is a lower bound for the 4-ball genus. Generalizing their construction, I will show that for a (not necessarily null-homologous) knot, K, in a rational homology sphere, Y, we may obtain a collection of τ-invariants, one for each spin-c structure. We also show that these invariants can be used to obtain a lower bound on the genus of a surface with boundary K properly embedded in a negative definite 4-manifold with boundary Y
YITP Event: YITP Seminar, Hiren Patel (UMass, Amherst)
Time: 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Description: "Package-X: A Mathematica package for the analytic calculation of one loop integrals" "Package-X is a Mathematica package for the fully analytic calculation of one-loop Feynman integrals. In this talk I will highlight the capabilities of Package-X using a selection of familiar examples, and summarize some of the novel algorithms driving the program. I will close the talk with possible directions for future development."
Math Event: Math Colloquium: Otis Chodosh - New results on the global geometry of scalar curvature
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: Math Tower P-131
Description: Title: New results on the global geometry of scalar curvature
Speaker: Otis Chodosh [Princeton University/IAS]

Abstract: I'll survey some recent results concerning the global behavior of minimal/constant mean curvature surfaces in three manifolds with non-negative scalar curvature. Co-authors for these works include M. Eichmair, V. Moraru, Y. Shi, and H. Yu.
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