SCGP Weekly Talks – Spring 2016

Organized by Alexander Abanov

SCGP Weekly Talks is a colloquium style series of talks aimed at all members and visitors of the Simons Center and the more general math and physics community on Stony Brook campus. The regular time and place for the talks are Tuesday, 1pm. During the workshops at the Center the talks are usually given by organizers or distinguished participants of the corresponding workshop on related topics. All SCGP Weekly Talks are recorded and can be accessed through the SCGP video portal.

Weekly talks are held regularly on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm in SCGP Rm 102.

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 12 Valerio Toledano Laredo Quasi-Coxeter algebras, flat connections and quantum groups
Jan. 26 Roman Bezrukavnikov On character sheaves.
Feb. 2 Hiraku Nakajima Instantons on the Taub-NUT space
Feb. 23 Bernard Nienhuis Statistical Physics and Combinatorics, why now?
Mar. 3 at 2pm Vasily Pestun Geometric and algebraic structures in gauge theories
Mar. 8 Christian Schnell Introduction to Hodge theory
Mar. 15 Alexei Borodin The six vertex model and randomly growing interfaces in (1+1) dimensions
Mar. 22 Marilena Loverde Why we are excited about the LIGO results, a cosmologist’s perspective
Mar. 29 Philip Griffiths, IAS Hodge theory and moduli
Apr. 5 at 4:15pm Andy Strominger The Black Hole Information Paradox, Revisited
Apr. 12 Nathan Seiberg Gapped Boundary Phases of Topological Insulators via Weak Coupling
Apr. 19 Shinsei Ryu Bulk/boundary correspondence in (3+1)d topological phases
Apr. 26 No talk
May 3 Paul Wiegmann Precise adiabatic transport and Quillen holomorphic anomaly – Quantum Hall Effect, the case study
May 10 Daniel Waldram Generalised geometry and supersymmetric spacetimes
May 17 Martin Hairer Random loops
May 24 Greg Huber, KITP Terasaki Ramps: A Glimpse into the Geometrical Architecture of the Cell
Jun. 7 Hakan Eliasson Reducibility of quasi-periodic co-cycles–from Schrödinger to infinite dimension
Jun. 14 Richard Wentworth “Higgs bundles, flat connections, and higher Teichmueller theory”
Jun. 28 TBA TBA