SCGP Weekly Talks – Fall 2016

Organized by Alexander Abanov

SCGP Weekly Talks is a colloquium style series of talks aimed at all members and visitors of the Simons Center and the more general math and physics community on Stony Brook campus. The regular time and place for the talks are Tuesday, 1pm. During the workshops at the Center the talks are usually given by organizers or distinguished participants of the corresponding workshop on related topics. All SCGP Weekly Talks are recorded and can be accessed through the SCGP video portal.

Weekly talks are held regularly on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm in SCGP Rm 102.

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 20 Daniel Persson From moonshine to automorphic forms and beyond
Sept. 27 Nikita Nekrasov Complex Quoits, or, How to smoothly tie the instantons and anti-instantons
Oct. 18 Tom Mrowka
Oct. 25 John Morgan Spin Manifolds and Spin Bordism
Nov. 1 Mukund Rangamani Holography and Entanglement Decadal Survey
Nov. 29 Tadashi Takayanagi Emergent Spacetime from Quantum Entanglement
Dec. 6 TBA TBA
Dec. 13 TBA TBA
Dec. 20 TBA TBA