The Nature of Belief: An Interactive Journey Through Your Mind’s Eye

Lecture by Al Seckel

Illusions are a wonderful window into perception, as they can reveal the hidden rules of the human perceptual system in a way that normal perceptual processes do not.

Al Seckel provides an interactive and transformative journey through our inner minds; see, experience, and take delight in some of the world’s most powerful visual illusions. The illusions presented in this talk are not just confined to the visual senses, but there are auditory ones too, including cross-modal examples of sound influencing what you see, and what you see influencing what you hear. Many of the dynamic illusions presented in this lecture are not available anywhere else; they cover many different aspects of perception and offer new and transformative insights into how we build up belief systems, which have far reaching implications for all aspects of social policy, education, and inner personal relationships.

Al Seckel is internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on visual and other types of sensory illusions. He has authored over 15 books on the subject and has lectured extensively throughout the world, at many of the world’s most prestigious universities including, Harvard, MIT, Caltech, Cornell University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, UCLA, UCSD, Berkeley, University of Rome, University of Utrecht, University of Lund, Singularity University, as well as at many prestigious conferences and venues, including the World Economic Forum, Davos, TED, Idea City, Nokia’s Ideas Camp, Monoco Media Forum, and Kinnernet. Mr. Seckel is now completing an interactive applet on illusions for various mobile platforms.