Mini-course by Paul Wiegmann: Selberg Integrals and Their Applications to Conformal Field Theory, Quantum Hall Effect and Hydrodynamics.

First lecture: May 8, 2018, 2:15pm-3:30pm in SCGP Room 313
Full schedule of following lectures can be found below:
Paul Wiegmann (University of Chicago)
Title: Selberg integrals and their applications to conformal field theory, quantum Hall effect and hydrodynamics.
Seemingly different phenomena such as quantum Hall effect, superfluids, instabilities in hydrodynamics, models of unstable growth (such as Hele-Shaw problem) have common geometric properties.  They could be studied on a unified platform based on Selberg integrals with large number of variables.
In the series of talks I will review recent advances in some of these fields emphasizing their common geometric aspects.

Lecture 1 (Tuesday, May 8, 14.30):

Selberg integral, history, generalizations, applications. Selberg integral on Riemann surfaces.
Lecture 2 (Monday, May 14, 10.30): 
Selberg integral with large number of variables as quantum field theory.
Lecture 3  (Monday, May 21, 10.30):: 
Selberg integrals and gravitational anomaly. Application to Hydrodynamics.
Lecture 4 (Tuesday, June 5, 10.30): 
Applications of Selberg Integrals to hydrodynamics (continue).
Lecture 5: (Tuesday, June 12, 10.30): 
Hele-Shaw problem, Boutroux curves  and patterns  of zeros of biorthogonal polynomials.