Mathematics Seminar

Talks by postdoctoral scholars at the SCGP, Stony Brook Mathematics department, and the IMS introducing the foundational concepts and questions in their fields. The talks will be at the level accessible to all other postdocs in all fields of mathematics.

Organized by Olivier Martin and Fabian Lehmann

Wednesdays: 1-2PM in Math room 4-130

10-5 Yongquan Zhang

The pressure metric on quasifuchsian space


Math 4-130
10-12 Sam Grushevsky Invitation to Teichmuller dynamics Math 4-130
10-19 Matthew Romney
Title: An introduction to Alexandrov geometry and surfaces of bounded curvature
Abstract: Alexandrov geometry concerns the study of metric spaces with “bounded curvature” in one sense or another. We give an overview of this topic with an emphasis on the case of surfaces. We also discuss some more recent generalizations in which the curvature assumptions are weakened.
Math 4-130
10-26 Ethan Addison Title: Generalized Complex Geometry

Abstract: Introduced by N. Hitchin and developed further by his students, generalized geometry is differential geometric construction that aims to treat the tangent and cotangent bundles of a smooth manifold on equal footing in tandem with one another. A rich theory spills out of this which reframes several classical ideas and has led to in particular a unification of complex and symplectic geometries. We will only give a brief survey and introduction to the main tools of the subject with a few comments at the end regarding the current state of the art such as the relationship it shares with various geometric flows.
Math 4-130
11-2 Amina Abdurrahman   Math 4-130
11-9 Fabian Lehmann   Math 4-130
11-16 Langte Ma An Introduction to G2- Instanton Math 4-130
11-23 No Talk   Math 4-130
11-30 James Waterman   Math 4-130