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Mathematics Seminar

Talks by postdoctoral scholars at the SCGP, Stony Brook Mathematics department, and the IMS introducing the foundational concepts and questions in their fields. The talks will be at the level accessible to all other postdocs in all fields of mathematics.

Organized by Catherine Cannizzo and Olivier Martin

Mondays: 3PM – 4PM

24-Jan Kevin Sackel  A biased introduction to locally conformal symplectic geometry (start time 2:35PM) SCGP 313
31-Jan Artem Kotelskiy  Khovanov homology and its variations (postponed to 2/14/22) SCGP 313
7-Feb Mykola Dedushenko Derived conformal geometry and ambitwistors SCGP 313
14-Feb Artem Kotelskiy  Khovanov homology and its variations SCGP 313
21-Feb  Yusheng Luo Thurston’s Hyperbolization theorem and boundedness results in conformal dynamics SCGP 313
28-Feb Olivier Martin An introduction to the Lüroth problem SCGP 313
24-Mar Jian Wang Topology of positive scalar curvature TBD
28-Mar Donghao Wang  An introduction to Seiberg-Witten theory SCGP 313
7-Apr** Matthew Romney  An Introduction to Analysis in Metric Spaces SCGP 313
11-Apr Fabian Lehmann TBA SCGP 313
18-Apr Catherine Cannizzo The Clifford torus and an example of wall-crossing
SCGP 313
25-Apr Langte Ma Corks and exoticness of 4-manifolds
SCGP 313
2-May Alena Erchenko  TBA  

** This talk will be held on a Thursday.