Inaugural Stony Brook Lectures in Algebraic Geometry

Speaker: Professor Jacob Tsimerman (University of Toronto)
“Transcendence in Algebraic Geometry”

Tuesday, November 7. Title: Transcendence of period integrals over function fields. ABSTRACT

Wednesday, November 8. Title: Definable o-minimal structures and applications to Periods. ABSTRACT

Thursday, November 9. Title: Unlikely Intersection problems and Functional Transcendence. ABSTRACT

All lectures will take place from 4:00 – 5:00pm in SCGP room 102

Live streaming:

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The Stony Brook Lectures in Algebraic Geometry

We are delighted to announce the annual Stony Brook Lectures in Algebraic Geometry. These will bring an outstanding early-career mathematician to Stony Brook for a week in  the fall to deliver a series of three lectures on a topic related to algebraic geometry or neighboring areas. The lectures are supported by an endowment generously created by Sorin Popescu, formerly a member of our department and now at Renaissance Technologies. A scientific committee will choose the speaker.

The inaugural lectures will be given by Professor Jacob Tsimerman of the University of Toronto. They will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, November 7, 8 and 9, 2023 from 4:00 – 5:00 pm.

Professor Tsimerman received his PhD from Princeton in 2011, under the direction of Peter Sarnak. After graduating he went to Harvard as a Junior Fellow. He joined the faculty at Toronto in 2014. Among other honors, he was awarded the SASTRA Ramanujan Prize in 2014, the Ribenboim Prize in 2916, and the New Horizons in Mathematics Prize in 2022.

The scientific committee for the inaugural lectures consisted of Radu Laza, Robert Lazarsfeld, Mircea Mustata, Burt Totaro and Claire Voisin.