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Christine Edison Video – “Origami Tessellations, Corrugations, and Curved 3D Forms”

Christine Edison is a math teacher and origami artist based in Chicago; she blogs about her origami and other interests at Eight years ago Ms. Christine Edison needed to start a club with a ten-dollar budget for the entire school year, her solution was origami and that started her paper journey. Rapidly her interest changed from following other people’s diagrams to creating her own designs. Using iterative techniques she designed boxes, which she displayed at OuSA’s annual origami convention. There she met Eric Gjerde, Joel Cooper, and a host of other creative artists and was introduced to tessellations. Since then she has become fascinated with curved structures and three-dimensional tessellations. Currently she teaches high school mathematics, folds, and dances. The SCGP is excited to host Christine Edison as the Artist–in–residence during the Ocean Beasts summer exhibition, July-August 2012 and will give a series of origami workshops in the Center’s art gallery.



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