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Professor Zohar Komargodski Awarded the Tomassoni Chisesi Prize

In honor of Mrs. Caterina Tomassoni and Dr. Felice Pietro Chisesi, the prize is awarded to recognize and encourage outstanding achievements in physics. Dr. Zohar Komargodski has been recognized for his outstanding and influential contributions to Quantum Field Theory and the theories of the fundamental interactions. In particular, for developing a new and deeper insight into the […]

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Crossings: April 12-August 12, 2022

Crossings April 12-August 12, 2022 Curated by Lorraine Walsh The photographs in this exhibition were taken by Jean-François Dars between 2018-2020 to honor the Simons Center’s 10th Anniversary. They were originally compiled in Crossings, a unique publication that tells the story of the Center—a nascent institute in a time-honored tradition representing the fertile interaction between mathematics and theoretical physics. […]

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Dennis Sullivan Awarded the 2022 Abel Prize in Mathematics

Congratulations to Dennis Sullivan, a trustee of SCGP, and one of the SCGP’s founding visionaries, on receiving the Abel Prize in mathematics!The Abel Prize in mathematics recognises pioneering scientific achievements in mathematics, and the 2022 Abel Prize in mathematics is awarded to Dennis Parnell Sullivan “for his groundbreaking contributions to topology in its broadest sense, and in particular […]

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Della Pietra Lecture Series Presents Dr. Cumrun Vafa: Puzzles to Unravel the Universe

The Della Pietra Lecture Series is pleased to present Cumrun Vafa, Hollis Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in the Physics Department at Harvard University: General Public Lecture Date: Monday May 16, 2022Lecture: 5:00pm, Simons Center Della Pietra Family Auditorium, Room 103Title: “Puzzles to Unravel the Universe”Abstract: Beneath all of the complex and formidable mathematical […]

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From Representation Theory to Mathematical Physics and Back: May 31-June 4, 2022

Organized by: Pavel Etingof (MIT), Mikhail Khovanov (Columbia University), Alexander Kirillov (Stony Brook), Anna Lachowska (EPFL, Switzerland), Ivan Loseu (Yale), Andrew Neitzke (Yale), Joshua Sussan (CUNY Medgar Evers), Anton Zeitlin (Louisiana State University) The theme of the meeting is the continued influence of mathematics and physics on each other. In particular, the workshop will highlight […]

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Small Scale Dynamics in Fluid Motion: June 13-24, 2022

Organized by: Theodore D. Drivas (Stony Brook University), Tarek M. Elgindi (Duke University), Dennis Sullivan (Stony Brook University – Math) Turbulent flows are ubiquitous in the world around us; from trailing airplane wakes to swirling cream in our morning coffee. Despite its prevalence, basic mathematical questions about this complex non-linear phenomenon persist. The purpose of […]

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Ergodic Operators and Quantum Graphs: June 6-10, 2022

Organized by: David Damanik (Rice University), Jake Fillman (Texas State University), Selim Sukhtaiev (Auburn University) Ergodic Schrödinger operators have been studied heavily since the 1970s, as they include many examples of physical interest, such as disordered media, electrons in an external magnetic field, and quasicrystals. These operators enjoy many subtle connections to other areas of […]

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