SCGP Spring School on Discrete and Computational Geometry: April 17-21, 2017

Organized by: Christopher Bishop and Joe Mitchell

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The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics is running a week-long workshop on discrete and computational geometry April 17-21, 2017.The intended audience is graduate students, postdocs, and researchers in mathematics and computer science who are not necessarily working in this area, but are interested in learning what it is about and how ideas from algebra, analysis, probability and topology get used in
solving problems in computational geometry and computational topology, such as shape analysis, proximity search, automatic meshing, geometric networks, approximation of geometric optimization problems, and a host of other algorithmic problems. While the emphasis will be on an introduction to the basic ideas, rather than the latest refinements, topics will include some of the exciting recent applications of “abstract” mathematics to concrete problems of active interest in discrete and computational geometry, including topological data analysis, algebraic methods for counting, the geometry of random sets, etc. The workshop will have an eclectic mix of topics that range from theoretical to practical and from abstract to applied.

The workshop will feature four mini-courses:

Esther Ezra, Georgia Tech – Geometric Set Systems: Structures and Applications

David Mount, Univsersity of Maryland – Approximation Algorithms for Multidimensional Proximity Problems

Scott Sheffield, MIT – Random Geometric Structures: A Three-Lecture Overview

Yusu Wang, Ohio State University – Mini-course on Computational Topology

In addition to the mini-courses, there will be a number of related lectures and other activities, such an open problem session and a demonstration of geometric software.

The workshop is funded by the National Science Foundation through an RTG grant to the Simons Center and the Department of Mathematics.

Application deadline: March 17, 2017 (or when event is at maximum capacity). Applicants will be notified soon after this date of their acceptance.