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Topology Seminar: John Baldwin, “A Bordered Monopole Floer Theory”

John Baldwin, Boston College

Title: A Bordered Monopole Floer Theory
Program: Symplectic and Contact Geometry and Connections to Low-Dimensional Topology
Speaker: John Baldwin, Boston College
Date: Thursday, October 11, 2012
Time: 1:00pm Р2:00pm
Place: Seminar Room 313, Simons Center



Abstract: I’ll discuss work-in-progress toward constructing monopole Floer theoretic invariants of bordered 3-manifolds. Roughly, our construction associates an A-infinity algebra to a surface, an A-infinity module to a bordered 3-manifold, and a map of A-infinity modules to a 4-dimensional cobordism of bordered 3-manifolds. I’ll focus on the topological and algebraic aspects of our work and, in particular, will indicate how we prove a pairing theorem relating the invariants of two bordered 3-manifolds with that of the manifold obtained by gluing the former together along homeomorphic components of their boundaries. This is joint work with Jon Bloom.

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