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Conformal Geometry

Conformal Geometry Organized by Ilia Binder, John Cardy, Andrei Okounkov, and Paul Wiegmann January 7 – May 3, 2013 The Simons Center will host a program on `Conformal Geometry’ for the Spring semester of 2013. This will cover subjects representing […]

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Facets of Integrability: January 21 – 27, 2013

Facets of Integrability: Random Patterns, Stochastic Processes, Hydrodynamics, Gauge Theories and Condensed Matter Systems Organized by: Ilia Binder, Andrei Okounkov, Alexander Abanov, Eldad Bettelheim, Ilya Gruzberg, Seung-Yeop Lee and Razvan Teodorescu Once mathematicians got interested in random matrix theory two […]

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String-Math 2013, June 17-21 2013

Conference Announcement:  String-Math 2013 Organizing Committee: Alexander Abanov, Michael Douglas, Ljudmila Kamenova, Claude LeBrun, John Morgan, Nikita Nekrasov, Leonardo Rastelli, Martin Rocek, The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics is hosting a third annual meeting of String-Math series of conferences […]

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