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Simons Summer Workshop

Welcome to the webpage of the Summer Simons Workshops in Mathematics and Physics.

These workshops began in 2003 and have been a feature of the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics at Stony Brook since 2008. The Center’s mission is to develop the interaction of geometry in the broadest sense with theoretical physics, and is rooted in a long tradition of engagement between Mathematics and Physics here at Stony Brook, and ultimately in the centuries-long history of these two fields. The Stony Brook tradition is exemplified by the joint ITP-Math seminars initiated by Jim Simons and Frank Yang in the 1970’s; these stimulated interest worldwide in the mathematics of gauge theories.

This years workshop focus:

This year’s summer workshop will focus on cosmology and its realization in string theory.  We review the status of observational data, both in the context of the very early universe as well as more recent epochs, with particular focus on the observational data on dark energy and dark matter.  Moreover we discuss various theoretical ideas in cosmology, such as inflationary models and the associated challenges in their realization in string theory as well as novel stringy inspired approaches to solving cosmological issues.  The main aim of this workshop is to generate new ideas needed to bring string theory closer to cosmological observations as well as possibly leading to new stringy predictions for the dark sector.   Click here for more details!

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