Confronting Large N, Holography, Integrability and Stringy Models with the Real World: February 14 – April 22, 2022

Organized by:

Sergei Dubovsky (NYU),

Zohar Komargodski (SCGP),

Erich Poppitz (University of Toronto),

Jacob Sonnenshein (Tel Aviv),

Mithat Unsal (North Carolina State University)

Since the introduction of QCD as the theory of gluons and quarks quite a lot of methods and toy models have been invoked to seek control on the theory. In particular: considering the theory in different space-time dimensions, analyzing lattice gauge theories, taking the limit of Nc the number of colors to infinity, varying Nf the number of flavors and studying
quiver models, applying chiral Lagrangians and Skyrme theory, using anomalies of global symmetries, considering supersymmetric QCD models, mapping to brane configurations, invoking the holographic duality, studying integrable toy models like planar N = 4, using stringy models and more. In some of these efforts tremendous developments have been achieved. But not too often there was an attempt to examine in detail to what extent have these models been efficient in deciphering QCD as manifested in nature in the form of Hadron Physics (HP). It seems that now it is the right moment to do it.

“When Large N QCD meets reality” was a title of a talk given by A. Manohar in 2003, the program aims at asking a similar question about several of the methods mentioned above, namely, Large N QCD, holography integrability and stringy model (LNHIS). We want to emphasize that the goal is not to review the progress made in these four domains of research but rather to confront them with the PDG.

The talks will take place at 10:30AM ET Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday


14-Feb 10:30AMTopological origin of mass and spin in hadronsIsmail ZahedAbstract
17-Feb10:30AMSome aspects of QCD in 1+1 dimensionsDiego Gabriel DelmastroAbstract
24-Feb10:30AMQCD and Instantons, 25 years laterThomas SchaferTBA
1-Mar10:30AMLight front Hamiltonians and wave functions of mesons, baryons and exoticsEdward ShuryakAbstract
3-Mar10:30AMEntanglement and integrability in deep-inelastic scatteringDimtri KharzeevTBA
9-Mar10:30AMUniversal DeformationsAleksey ChermanAbstract
10-Mar10:30AMBifurcation theory of RG flowsFedor PopovAbstract
17-Mar10:30AM7 D super Yang-Mills: Lessons from localization and holographyJoseph MinahanTBA
22-Mar 10:30AMThe global structure of the Standard Model and new nonperturbative processesMohamed AnberAbstract
24-Mar10:30AMOn non-invertible symmetries in YMJustin KaidiTBA
29-Mar 10:30AMA perfect fluid hydrodynamic picture of domain wall velocitiesRomuald A. Janik  Abstract
31-Mar 10:30AMEFTs Of Large Quantum Number: A Review With Some Amount Of Effective-String ContentSimeon HellermanAbstract
4-Apr10:00AMBootstrapping the Lattice Yang-Mills TheoryVladimir KazakovAbstract
4-Apr11:30AMHolographic QCD and the anomalous magnetic moment of the muonAnton RebhanAbstract
4-Apr2:00PMTBA Jaume GomisAbstract
5-Apr10:00AMOn the mixed 0-form/1-form anomaly: pouring the new wine into old bottles Erich PoppitzAbstract
5-Apr11:30AMExploring large N gauge theories with the latticeAntonio Gonzalez-Arroyo  Abstract
5-Apr2:15PMA Modified Probe Limit And A New Window Into Holography Defect CFTs Sophia DomokosAbstract
6-Apr10AMAnomaly preserving compactifications and semi-classical description of confinement via center-vortices Mithat UnsalAbstract
6-Apr11:30AMExplorations of adjoint QCD and supersymmetric gauge theories on the lattice Georg BergnerAbstract
6-Apr2:45PMWilson lines: The Old, the New and the Unstable Zohar KomargodskiAbstract
7-Apr10:00AMQCD unknowns and how they impact LHC and other experimentsMatt StrasslerAbstract
7-Apr11:30AMT-preserving 3d SU(N) gauge theories with mixed matter representa tions 
Tin SulejmanpacsicAbstract
7-Apr 2:00PMHISH confronting the real world Jacob SonnenscheinAbstract
12-Apr10:30AMLine Operators in Chern-Simons-Matter Theories and Bosonization in Three DimensionsAmit SeverAbstract
18-Apr11:30AMNambu-Goldstone Dynamics from Type IIB S-dualityAdi ArmoniAbstract
19-Apr10:30AMFree energy and BPS Wilson loop in N=2 superconformal theoriesArkady TseytlinAbstract
21-Apr10:30AMString Serenades for QCDOleg AndreevAbstract