Spring 2024 Physics Seminar

The Physics Seminar will take place Wednesdays at 2:00pm in SCGP 313 unless otherwise noted below.

2/7/24On Fermi surfaces: emergent symmetries and anomaliesDominic ElseAbstract
2/14/24Equivariant localization for AdS/CFTPietro Benetti Genolini Abstract
2/28/24Two dimensional QCD as a string theoryOfer Aharony
3/6/24Stretched horizon, replica trick, and off-shell winding condensate, and all thatIndranil Halder Abstract
3/20/24An R-matrix construction of qq-charactersYegor ZenkevichAbstract 
3/27/24Massive deformations of superconformal field theories from quantum groupsNathan HaouziAbstract
3/29/24 at 11am in room 102 *Note special date and timeTrace Anomalies of Boundaries and DefectsAndrew O’Bannon
4/3/24Twisted eleven-dimensional supergravity and exceptional simple infinite dimensional super-Lie algebrasSurya RaghavendranAbstract
4/10/24 at 1:00pm*Revisiting Chiral Magnetic Effects and AxionsDeog Ki Hong Abstract
4/17/24Strings From Feynman DiagramsEdward Mazenc
5/1/24 at 2:30pm*Oscar Varela
5/8/24 at 1:00pm*Vladimir Rosenhaus
5/15/24 Tarun Grover 

5/29/24Zohar Nussinov