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Spring 2022 Physics Seminar

The Physics Seminar will take place Wednesdays at 1:30 in SCGP 313

16-Feb A (partial) overview of AdS3/CFT2 developments Alessandro Sfondrini Abstract
23-Feb Progress in Gapless Topological Phases Ryan Thorngren Abstract
2-Mar N=2 Argyres-Douglas Theories and Holography Emily Nardoni Abstract
3-Mar Quantum codes and cfts Anatoly Dymarsky Abstract
9-Mar Some gauge theory amplitudes from chiral correlators Natalie Paquette Abstract
23-Mar Defect and disorder operator in (2+1)d quantum phases Meng Cheng Abstract
30-Mar Solving AdS/CFT with the strong Szego limit theorem Gregory Korchemsky Abstract
6-Apr Instantons with Quantum Core Viatcheslav Mukhanov Abstract
13-Apr TBA Alexandre Belin Abstract
20-Apr Exact QFT duals of AdS black holes Saebyeok Jeong Abstract
25-Apr  Subleading Corrections to AdS Black Hole Entropy Marina David Abstract
27-Apr TBA Dam T Son Abstract
28-Apr TBA Netta Engelhardt Abstract
4-May Entanglement in the quantum Hall matrix model Sean Hartnoll Abstract
18-May 11:00am String correlators on AdS3 Andrea Dei Abstract
18-May Damian Galante Damian Galante Abstract
25-May Negativity in random tensor networks and holography Vladimir Narovlansky Abstract
1-June Conformal Conserved Currents in Embedding Space Valentina Prilepina Abstract
22-June TBA Rajath Radhakrishnan Abstract