Fall 2023 Physics Seminar

The Physics Seminar will take place Wednesdays at 2:00pm in SCGP 313 unless otherwise noted below.

9/6/2023Hypergroup actions in Conformal Field TheoryTerry Gannon Abstract
9/13/2023Boundary Microstates of the 2d Non-supersymmetric Black HoleAlexander FrenkelAbstract
9/20/2023Hypergroup actions in Conformal Field Theory  Tom Shachar
9/27/2023Precision holography for (non-)susy observablesValentin Reys Abstract
10/4/2023Probing Supersymmetric Black Holes with Surface DefectsMatthew Heydeman Abstract
10/11/2023Title: Grey Galaxies: The Endpoint of Superradiant Instabilities in Rotating AdS Black HolesJaeha Lee
10/18/2023Symmetry and many-body topology in mixed statesMeng Cheng Abstract
10/25/2023Applied nonrelativistic conformal field theory: scattering-length and effective-range corrections to unnuclear physicsSubham Dutta Chowdhury Abstract
11/1/2023Soft photon theorems in massless and massive QCDGeorge Sterman 
11/15/2023 *This talk will take place in room 103Equivariant Higher Berry classes for quantum many-body systemsNikita Sopenko
11/29/2023On the scaling behaviour of an integrable spin chain with $Z_r$ symmetrySergei Lukyanov Abstract
12/6/2023Hao Zhang