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Carlo Sequin Video, Artistic Geometry: The Math Behind the Art

Artistic Geometry: The Math Behind the Art
by Carlo Sequin

Monday, July 30th at 5:30 pm
Reception and doors open at 5:00 pm

The geometry of some abstract sculptures is a starting point to gain some insights into twisted toroids, Moebius bands, and Klein bottles. Carlo Séquin, a computer science professor at UC Berkeley, has created computer programs to capture the essential structure in the artwork of some famous sculptors of abstract, geometrical art. New and more complex shapes emerge from these programs, yet they seem to belong to the same family as the original sculpture.

Carlo H. Sequin is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of California at Berkeley who specializes and holds 7 patents in Computer Aided Design for VLSI, Mechanical Systems, and Architecture; Geometric Modeling and Computer Graphics; and Virtual Environments. An avid sculptor and artist, his extensive body of work can be viewed at:


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