Mathematical Aspects of N=4 Super-Yang-Mills Theory: February 26-March 1, 2024

Organized by: Benjamin Basso (Ecole Normale Superieure) Lance Dixon (SLAC/Stanford U.) Jaroslav Trnka (UC Davis) Anastasia Volovich (Brown) Scattering Amplitudes in N=4 Super-Yang-Mills theory have a rich mathematical structure, involving Grassmannians and polytopes, the amplituhedron, tropicalization, cluster algebras, Hopf algebras, motivic zeta values, multiple polylogarithms and Galois theory, elliptic polylogarithms and Calabi-Yau geometries, and Y … Read more

Birational Geometry and Quantum Invariants: October 30-November 3, 2023

Organized by: Daniel Halpern-Leistner (Cornell) Melissa Liu (Columbia) Mark McLean (Stony Brook) Tony Pantev (UPenn) Daniel Pomerleano (UMass Boston) This Workshop is focused on quantum invariants in birational geometry. The main themes under consideration will be the behavior of quantum cohomology and the Fukaya category under birational transformations. The workshop will also examine Katzarkov-Kontsevich-Pantev-Yu’s recent … Read more

Fuzzy Sphere Meets Bootstrap, November 6-8, 2023

Organized by Yin-Chen He, Zohar Komargodski, Leonardo Rastelli, and Slava Rychkov Conformal field theories (CFTs) represent a vital class of quantum field theories with wide-ranging applications, from quantum gravity to critical phenomena in both classical and quantum matter. CFTs in 3D and higher dimensions are strongly interacting, thus requiring the employment of non-perturbative tools. One such … Read more

Workshop: Mathematical Billiards: At the Crossroads of Dynamics, Geometry, Analysis, and Mathematical Physics: November 13 – 17, 2023

Organized by: • Misha Bialy (Tel Aviv) • Milena Radnovic (Sydney) • Alfonso Sorrentino (Rome Tor Vergata) • Sergey Tabachnikov (Penn State University) The last few years have witnessed an impressively high level of advances in the study of the dynamics of mathematical billiards, shedding new light on their profound connections with important problems in … Read more

Winter School on New Applications of Mixed Hodge Modules: January 15-26, 2024

Organized by: Bradley Dirks, Stony Brook University Christian Schnell, Stony Brook University This is a two-week winter school for graduate students and postdocs, on the topic of new applications of mixed Hodge modules. Morihiko Saito’s theory of mixed Hodge modules gives a wide-ranging generalization of the theory of variations of Hodge structures. It has found … Read more