Image courtesy Michael Green


Conversation with Michael Green, FRS, Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and a fellow in Clare Hall, University of Cambridge. Interview by Maria Shtilmark

When Physics meets Biology

William Bialek, Princeton University, is one of the pioneers in the field of Biophysics. His achievements span from Computational Biology to Neuroscience and Information Theory. As the speaker for the second Della Pietra Lecture Series he explains to a packed crowd what this cross-cutting discipline is about.

Faster-than-light neutrinos, dark matter, and all that

Luca Mazzucato chats with Shmuel Nussinov, at the School of Physics and Astronomy of Tel Aviv University. For the occasion of his recent seventieth birthday, he decided to give himself an unusual present in the form of eleven articles published on the same week…

Sir Michael Atiyah Interview

Sir Michael Atiyah visited the Simons Center in the Fall of 2011 during which time he met with Nigel Hitchin, Robion Kirby, and John Morgan. In this conversation Sir Michael responds to questions which lead him to reflect on his life in mathematics and to expound on his view of mathematics.

Brian Greene on the Status of String Theory

Brian Greene is “the single best explainer of abstruse concepts in the world today.” He is the co-director of the Center for Strings, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics at Columbia University. In his latest book “The hidden reality,” he brings the reader on a journey through the parallel universes of the string theory landscape.