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Quantum-Mechanical Systems at Large Quantum Number: August 26 – September 20, 2019

Organized by: Luis Alvarez-Gaume, Simeon Hellerman, Domenico Orlando, and Susanne Reffert QFT is the basic paradigm for the description of condensed matter physics and high-energy particle physics. Despite decades of research, strongly coupled regimes of QFT are largely inaccessible to analytic methods, even though important progress has come from the conformal bootstrap and non-Lagrangian methods. […]

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Geometrical aspects of topological phases of matter: spatial symmetries, fractons and beyond: April 13-June 5, 2020

Organized by: Jennifer Cano, Dominic Else, Andrey Gromov, Siddharth Parameswaran, and Yizhi You Topological phases of matter are a long-standing subject of interest in the condensed matter community, and increasingly relevant to issues in high-energy physics. A topological phase is traditionally defined to be one which is “non-trivial” (cannot be deformed to a trivial insulator […]

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Universality and ergodicity in quantum many-body systems: August 26-October 18, 2019

Organized by: Boris Altshuler, Anatoly Dymarsky, Lea Santos, and Jacobus Verbaarschot Dynamics of quantum many-body systems is attracting extensive attention across different fields of physics: theoretical and experimental condensed matter, AMO physics, high energy theory, quantum information, and others. Remarkable progress has been achieved in the past years understanding thermalization, or lack thereof, of isolated […]

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Graduate school on Geometry of Teichmuller spaces April 15-19, 2019

Organized by: Samuel Grushevsky, Babak Modami, and Leon Takhtajan Teichmuller theory and moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces have a special role in modern mathematics: they have been a fruitful playground for ideas and methods from complex and algebraic geometry, topology, analysis, and more recently dynamical systems. The main goal of this graduate school is to […]

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TTbar and Other Solvable Deformations of Quantum Field Theories: April 8 – 12, 2019

  Organized by: Mark Mezei, Stefano Negro, Alexander Zamolodchikov, and Zohar Komargodski The workshop will be devoted to the recent exciting developments in the investigation of irrelevant deformations in QFT. Solvable examples such as $T\bar{T}$-deformed two-dimensional QFTs and their generalizations have attracted attention across the whole spectrum of high energy theory. The purpose of the […]

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Poisson Geometry Program Seminar: Mini course by Moira Chas

Time: Jun 14, 2018 10:00 AM Speaker: Dennis Sullivan Title: The generalization of the Goldman bracket to Three dimensions and its relation to Geometrization This lecture begins with some background to the joint work of Moira Chas and Siddartha Gadgil recognizing “geometrization”. We describe elementary pictorial computations of the zeroth, first and second homology of the […]

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Spring School on Geometric Aspects of General Relativity March 22 – 25, 2018

Organized by: Demetre Kazaras, Marcus Khuri and Christina Sormani Graduate students (and postdocs) with background in Riemannian Geometry are invited to attend this four day school introducing geometric aspects of Mathematical General Relativity. There will be introductory lectures on: * Asymptotically flat Riemannian manifolds with nonnegative scalar curvature * ADM mass and the Positive Mass […]

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Tensor-Network Methods: Structure, Applications and Holography: December 11 – 15, 2017

Organized by: Glen Evenbly (University of Sherbrooke), Roman Orus (Univ. of Mainz), David Perez-Garcia (Univ. Complutense de Marid), Tzu-Chieh Wei (Stony Brook University) Over the past few decades we have witnessed a rapid exchange and infuse of ideas across different fields: from entanglement in quantum information to quantum phase transitions and topological order in many-body […]

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SCGP_ GeometricalAspectsSupersymmetry v2

Geometrical Aspects of Supersymmetry: October 22 – 26, 2018

Organized by Manuela Kulaxizi and Maxim Zabzine Subject of the workshop: Supersymmetry and geometry are tied together in many remarkable ways. Over last 40 years these two fields have influenced each other enormously. Many new interesting geometrical constructions were motivated by the supersymmetry considerations, e.g. the hyperKahler quotiens, generalized Kahler geometry, generalized geometry, T-duality and […]

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