Supersymmetric Black Holes, Holography and Microstate Counting (Postponed)

Organized by:

Cyril Closset (Birmingham U.),

Leopoldo Pando Zayas (Michigan U.),

Luigi Tizzano (SCGP, Stony Brook),

Chiara Toldo (Amsterdam U.),

Alberto Zaffaroni (Milano Bicocca U.)

This workshop will be rescheudled

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These activities will be dedicated to the study of supersymmetric black holes in holography from both sides of the AdS/CFT correspondence. Holography provides a powerful framework which allows us to tackle fundamental questions in quantum gravity, such as the statistical interpretation of black-hole entropy, by means of field-theoretic methods. The interplay between AdS/CFT and recent developments in supersymmetric localization is bringing us closer to a satisfactory answer to a key question: How does the dual CFT capture the finite entropy of supersymmetric AdS black holes? While there has been impressive recent progress, many important puzzles still remain.

This question is closely related to exciting technical advances both in supergravity and in the study of supersymmetric QFT by exact non-perturbative methods. This program will bring together researchers at the forefront of all of these developments, in order to discuss
the progress achieved so far, and in the hope of bringing about a needed synthesis between the current competing approaches.

The contributed talks will revolve around three main themes:
(1) Characterization of supersymmetric black holes in Anti-de-Sitter spacetime;
(2) Microstates, indices and supersymmetric partition functions;
(3) Half-BPS partition functions on Euclidean manifolds and their applications.