Geometric and Representation-Theoretic Aspects of Quantum Integrability: August 29-October 21, 2022

Organized by: Peter Koroteev (University of California, Berkeley), Elli Pomoni (DESY), Benoit Vicedo (University of York), Dmytro Volin (NORDITA), Anton Zeitlin (Louisiana State University) Talk Schedule:     Time Title Speaker Location Thursday September 8 2:00pm Opers — what they are and what they are good for? Abstract Peter Koroteev SCGP 313 Friday September 9 … Read more

Integrability, Enumerative Geometry and Quantization: August 22nd – September 23rd, 2022

Gaëtan Borot (Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany), Alexandr Buryak (Higher School of Economics, Russia),  Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu (Columbia University), Nikita Nekrasov (SCGP), Paul Norbury (University of Melbourne, Australia), Paolo Rossi (University of Padua, Italy) Additional Talks: Tuesday, September 13⋅1:00 – 2:30pm, SCGP room 313: David HolmesTitle: Variations on double ramification cyclesAbstract Tuesday, September 20⋅1:00 – 2:30pm, … Read more

Zoom Seminar Series: Dynamics and Renormalization Program

The Simons Center program on Renormalization and Universality in Conformal Geometry, Dynamics, Random Processes, and Field Theory is continuing with a series of online ZOOM seminars throughout 2020. For the full schedule of talks please visit: Or our calendar here: In order to be added to our mailing list to receive upcoming talk announcements and … Read more

Singularity and Prediction in Fluids: May 31-July 1, 2022

Organized by: Theodore D. Drivas (Stony Brook University), Dennis Sullivan (Stony Brook University) Turbulent flows are ubiquitous in the world around us; from trailing airplane wakes to swirling cream in our morning coffee. Despite its prevalence, basic mathematical questions about this complex non-linear phenomenon persist. This is, in part, because fluid motion involves many spatiotemporal … Read more

Continued: Renormalization and Universality in Conformal Geometry, Dynamics, Random Processes, and Field Theory: February 22 – March 19, 2021

Organizers: Dzmitry Dudko, Kostya Khanin and Misha Lyubich The goal of the program is to bring together mathematicians and physicists working on various aspects of renormalization in dynamical systems. The idea of Renormalization group emerged in Quantum Field Theory. Later, in the 1960s, it became a major tool in Statistical Mechanics in analysis of phase … Read more

Lighting new Lampposts for Dark Matter and Beyond the Standard Model: February 24 – March 20, 2020

****Please note as of March 23rd the program has been postponed and will be rescheduled**** Organized by: Ranny Budnik, Rouven Essig, and Maxim Pospelov. Continuing progress in collider physics and dark matter searches in the past few decades have put significant pressure on several favorable theoretical models for Dark Matter and other beyond the Standard … Read more

Neural Networks and the Data Science Revolution: from Theoretical Physics to Neuroscience, and Back: January 6-31, 2020

Organized by: Michael R. Douglas, Sergei Gukov, Jim Halverson, Sven Krippendorf, Fabian Ruehle, Giancarlo La Camera, Luca Mazzucato, Jin Wang Live video may be available, please take a look at The availability of very large datasets and the striking progress in artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the way scientists approach their disciplines. The deployment of … Read more