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Flowing into the future. Particle Jets in Quantum Field Theory and Phenomenology: October 25-29, 2021

Organized by: Christine Aidala, Yang-Ting Chien, Abhay Deshpande, and George Sterman. At high energies in quantum chromodynamics, particle jets provide an experimentally accessible manifestation of a change in degrees of freedom with time. The relationship between asymptotically short and long times in scattering systems is a recurring theme in quantum field theory. With a new […]

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Geometry, Topology, and Symmetry in Soft and Living Matter: June 28 – July 2, 2021

Organized by: Oleg Gang (Chem. Eng. and APAM, Columbia University & CFN, Brookhaven National Lab), Miranda Holmes-Cerfon (Courant Institute, NYU), Karen Kasza (Mech. Eng., Columbia University), Alexei Tkachenko (CFN, Brookhaven National Lab) Soft Condensed Matter Physics is a rapidly changing field that interfaces with multiple disciplines, such as Chemistry, Biology, Nanomaterials, and even Social Sciences. […]

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Supersymmetric Black Holes, Holography and Microstate Counting: October 11-15, 2021 (postponed from October 2020)

Organized by: Cyril Closset (Oxford U.), Leopoldo Pando Zayas (Michigan U.), Luigi Tizzano (SCGP, Stony Brook), Chiara Toldo (Ecole Polytechnique and CEA Saclay), Alberto Zaffaroni (Milano Bicocca U.) This workshop will be preceded by an online seminar series via ZOOM which will be held in Fall 2020, from September 28 – November 20, 2020.   […]

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Many faces of renormalization: March 8-12, 2021

Organized by: Dzmitry Dudko, Mikhail Lyubich and Konstantin Khanin The goal of this Workshop is to explore connections between variousaspects of Renormalization in Dynamics (unimodal and circle, holomorphic and cocyclic, Henon, KAM, and stochastic renormalizations) and Physics (QFT and statistical mechanics, fluid dynamics, and KPZ), which could help to reveal a unifying theme for all […]

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Quantum Hall Effect: Status Report: May 3-7, 2021

Organized by: A. Gromov, G. Csáthy, F.D.M. Haldane, S. Simon, D. Son. Two-dimensional electron system (2DES) in a strong magnetic field exhibits extraordinary rich variety of phenomena that arise from the strong interactions between the electrons. Among these phenomena, the most notorious one is the fractional quantum Hall (FQH) effect, which is the major playground […]

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