The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics is located on the Stony Brook University campus, approximately two hours east of New York City on Long Island’s scenic north shore.

Our staff leases several homes and apartments in the Stony Brook area for the purpose of housing our visitors that are staying for more than a week’s time.

In addition, we offer hotel accommodations at Danford’s Hotel and the Hilton Garden Inn Stony Brook for visitors who are coming for shorter stays or do not require cooking facilities. Danford’s Hotel is located in Port Jefferson Village near many shops and restaurants, and the Hilton Garden Inn Stony Brook is located on the Stony Brook University campus.

For more information regarding the housing options offered by the SCGP, please visit our Housing Options page.

Public transportation in the Stony Brook area is limited; most SCGP homes are within walking/biking distance of the Stony Brook campus. Local bus schedules can be accessed here: Suffolk County Transit.

Bicycles are available for rent here at the Center for your convenience at no charge.

Payment Options:

If your offer letter states that the Center is funding your lodging, you may select to either stay in shared housing, a private apartment, or a hotel. Our Housing Coordinator can provide you with the daily rates to rent a shared housing room or hotel room.  Please note that housing is allocated first to funded visitors and then on a first come, first serve basis.

You may select one of the following options for payment:

(A)  You may choose to have the amount (per your offer letter), deducted prior to issuing payment


(B)  You may pay the rent separately from the amount stated in the offer letter. You will be responsible for that amount and will issue a check that will be made payable to THE STONY BROOK FOUNDATION for the total (cash will be accepted as well) and receipt will be issued. WE CANNOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS.

You may deliver payment of rent to Melissa Wessler, Housing Coordinator for the Simons Center in Room 408. Rent will be due on the 15th of the month. We will pro-rate the cost accordingly if your stay is longer/shorter than a month.

Please see Melissa Wessler upon arrival to obtain a key for the house and for additional paperwork. You must sign a key affidavit and provide a $20 deposit for the key. The deposit will be returned when your visit is completed and the key is returned. Lost keys are subject to forfeiture of deposit.

If you need to extend your stay, you must seek approval and a new reservation with Melissa Wessler at (631) 632-2858.

If you own a home in the Stony Brook area and are interested in leasing your home to visiting professors, please fill out this form:

Housing Availability Form


If you have any other inquiries regarding housing, please email housing@scgp.stonybrook.edu.