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Simons Summer Workshop: July 16 – August 10, 2018

This Workshop is the eleventh conducted by the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics at Stony Brook and the Sixteenth in the series Simons Summer Workshops. One of the predictions of string theory is that certain apparently consistent quantum field theories cannot be consistently coupled to quantum gravity—they do not arise from consistent string vacua. […]

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Spring School on Geometric Aspects of General Relativity March 22 – 25, 2018

Organized by: Demetre Kazaras, Marcus Khuri and Christina Sormani Graduate students (and postdocs) with background in Riemannian Geometry are invited to attend this four day school introducing geometric aspects of Mathematical General Relativity. There will be introductory lectures on: * Asymptotically flat Riemannian manifolds with nonnegative scalar curvature * ADM mass and the Positive Mass […]

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Tensor-Network Methods: Structure, Applications and Holography: December 11 – 15, 2017

Organized by: Glen Evenbly (University of Sherbrooke), Roman Orus (Univ. of Mainz), David Perez-Garcia (Univ. Complutense de Marid), Tzu-Chieh Wei (Stony Brook University) Over the past few decades we have witnessed a rapid exchange and infuse of ideas across different fields: from entanglement in quantum information to quantum phase transitions and topological order in many-body […]

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Exotic Hadrons and Flavor Physics: May 28 – June 1, 2018

Organizers: Exotic Hadrons: Marek Karliner, Jon Rosner and Tomasz Skwarnicki Flavor Physics: Amarjit Soni and George Sterman During the last few years there has been a large number of new experimental discoveries of “exotic” hadrons which do not fit the standard quark model. The mesons among them cannot be constructed out of a quark-antiquark pair […]

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Geometrical Aspects of Supersymmetry: October 22 – 26, 2018

Organized by Manuela Kulaxizi and Maxim Zabzine Subject of the workshop: Supersymmetry and geometry are tied together in many remarkable ways. Over last 40 years these two fields have influenced each other enormously. Many new interesting geometrical constructions were motivated by the supersymmetry considerations, e.g. the hyperKahler quotiens, generalized Kahler geometry, generalized geometry, T-duality and […]

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Entanglement and Dynamical Systems: December 10 – 14, 2018

Organized by Israel Klich, Bruno Nachetergaele and Vladimir Korepin December 10-14, 2018. The workshop presents a modern point of view to dynamical systems. It brings together experts in solid state physics, statistical mechanics, quantum field theory, quantum computation, error correcting codes, machine learning, mathematical physics and quantum optics. New exactly solvable spin chains, which came […]

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Progress in quantum collective phenomena – from MBL to black holes: November 13 – 17, 2017

Organized by: Alexander Abanov, Sriram Ganeshan, Kristan Jensen, and Vadim Oganesyan Recent years have witnessed significant progress in understanding the behavior of quantum many-body systems without relying on the age-old assumptions of thermalization or equilibration. Qualitatively new and different real-time dynamics have been found in fields ranging from condensed matter systems to strongly interacting theories […]

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Geometry of Manifolds: October 23 – 27, 2017

Workshop: Geometry of Manifolds October 23-27, 2017 Organized by: Xiuxiong Chen, Claude LeBrun, Blaine Lawson, and John Morgan During the week of October 23-27, 2017, the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics will host a workshop concerning canonical geometric structures on differentiable manifolds. Key researchers in differential geometry, gauge theory, complex geometry, symplectic geometry, and […]

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Geometrical and statistical fluid dynamics: October 11 – 17, 2017

Organized by: Uriel Frisch, Konstantin Khanin and Rahul Pandit Some of the most basic questions relating to the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations for the motion of a 3D incompressible fluid are still open. There is a strong belief that answers to these questions cannot be obtained without creative use of geometric/Lagrangian and measure-theoretic/probabilistic tools. This […]

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