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Ari Pakman – Tutorial on Machine Learning Methods for Neuroscience

by Ari Pakman (Brown University)   We will review at an elementary level some statistical methods useful in the analysis of spike train data. No background needed beyond basic probability. Wednesday June 15th 11:30-1:00, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Room 313 Lecture 1: The neural encoding problem Action potentials and spike trains. Poisson and […]

Giancarlo La Camera, PhD – Selected problems in learning and decision making

Computational Neuroscience Journal Club Wednesday at 1130 in room 313  First episode: Today’s talk see below May 11th at 11:30am in the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics Room 313  PDF of presentation video part 1 video part 2 Speaker: Giancarlo La Camera, PhD Dept. Neurobiology and Behavior Life Sciences Bldg 513 SUNY Stony Brook Title: Selected problems […]


Simons Summer Workshop in Mathematics and Physics 2011 July 25 – August 19, 2011

Integrable Structures and Low Dimensional Geometries July 25 – August 19 Scientific advisor: Cumrun Vafa (Harvard) Local coordinator: Martin Rocek We are pleased to announce the 2011 Summer Simons Workshop in Mathematics and Physics from July 25 to August 19. This is the fourth Summer Workshop conducted by the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics […]

Equivariant Quantum Cohomology, Mirror Symmetry, and Symplectic Geometry Workshop, May 16, 2011 – May 20, 2011

Dates: May 16-20, 2011 Location: Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, SUNY Stony BrookOrganizers: Dennis Auroux, Ludmil Katzarkov, Paul Seidel The broad aim of the workshop is to address recent developments involving equivariant structures in mirror symmetry. These developments come from quantum cohomology and symplectic topology, and have further ramifications in representation theory and in […]

the dark side of the force

Interviewer Luca Mazzucato   An interview with Itay Yavin. The Israeli physicist, now at McMaster University in Canada, obtained his PhD at Harvard under the supervision of Nima Arkani-Hamed. He is a leading expert in physics beyond the Standard Model and dark matter. Four-fifths of all the matter in the Universe has never been observed: […]

The Ehrenpreis Conjecture for Riemann Surfaces and the Surface Subgroup Theorem for Hyperbolic Three Manifolds

There will be a five lecture discussion-exposition of the new technique of Dr. Jeremy Kahn (Stony Brook University) and Dr. Vladimir Morkovic (Warwick) constructing mappings of constant negative curvature surfaces into certain targets, which are locally almost isometries. Participants Dennis Sullivan (Stony Brook) Scott Wolpert (Maryland) Ara Basmajian (CUNY) Sarah Koch (Harvard) Vaibhav Gadre (Harvard) […]